Refresh Program

Our recycling solution for keeping clothing in use longer - and out of the landfill.

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  Keep what you love and love what you keep.   


At Anne Mulaire, we take responsibility for what we make, produce, and waste. We want to help extend the life of as many garments as we can through our Refresh Program. 

Did you know?

By keeping garments in use for only nine extra months, we can reduce related carbon, water, and waste footprints by 20—30% (ThredUp).

 What level of care do your garments need?   


Up to 3 small repairs

In-store - $25.99 | Online - $25.99 + shipping


Up to 2 small repairs + 2 large repairs

In-store - $55.99  | Online - $55.99 + shipping 

Purchase a Refresh →

Step 1

Select and purchase your repairs/refresh.

Step 2

Drop off or mail in the clothing items you wish to Refresh (Don’t forget to include our Refresh form).

Step 3

Our team will assess your garments and contact you if there are any questions.

Step 4

We will notify you once your garments are all ready!

Keep your clothing in the loop and out of the landfill.

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 We thought you should know…  

At this time we are only refreshing Anne Mulaire & VOILÀ items. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the repairs once your items are received at our manufacturer. If custom repairs are needed we will provide an estimated time of completion, depending on the labour and resources required for the repair. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to and from Anne Mulaire.

We ask that all garments are freshly washed and free of pet hair. Please be advised that due to health & safety concerns our team reserves the right to decline alterations & repairs items that are unclean.

We appreciate your cooperation.