Downcycle, Biocycle, Fibre Lab Programs

Our recycling solution to keep remnants out of the landfill.

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Waste Not - Downcycle program

When a garment is beyond saving and reaching the end of its lifecycle, we will dispose of it in a humane and safe way.

The left-over textiles from all of our programs are finally donated to our downcycling community partners.

We are currently working with Winnipeg BellMTS volunteers who transform our waste and scraps into a variety of new products, such as insulation in animal beds, and/or cancer caps for oncology patients. 

Fibre Lab

Our solution for regenerative materials - to nothing goes to waste.

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A Hands-On Approach

Our Fibre Lab is dedicated to researching and testing materials, both new and current, to develop sustainable products.

We have partnered with the University of Manitoba to conduct research on the biodegradability of our materials, and with a fabric institute to create an innovative, sustainable fabric.

A key area of research for the Fibre Lab has been the biodegradability study that was undertaken in collaboration with the University of Manitoba, which was funded directly to UofM through an NSERC grant.

We are also exploring ways to create regenerative materials from waste and studying how to design biodegradable textile products, which affects the entire design process. We will continue to work on this project in 2024. Additionally, we are developing new fibres and fibre-blends specifically designed for circularity, including organic cotton, bamboo, natural dyes, and compostable denim.

Our experiments include testing the durability of compostable denim with different wash cycles and its behaviour in textile design.

Recycling / Biocycle Program

Our textile waste management solution.

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Let's Get Dirty

We’re getting our hands dirty and exploring, not only traditional ways to address the world’s waste problem, but also more novel biological and manufacturing processes on how to recirculate textiles at scale.

Sustainability is a journey.

Stay tune for an amazing opportunity to get involved. Fall 2024