Downcycle Program

Our recycling solution to keep remnants out of the landfill.

downcycle program

The Value In Scraps

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Fibre Lab

Our solution for regenerative materials - to nothing goes to waste.

fibre lab program

Fabrics of The Future

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A Hands-On Approach

Our Fibre Lab allows us to research and test all our current materials and help us to explore exciting and new regenerative materials coming to the market. Through purpose driven collaborations, our pipeline of products are driving a better tomorrow.

We’ve recently partnered with the University of Manitoba, Department of Soil Science and Department of Environment and Geography, to conduct a research project on the biodegradability of all our materials.

Through a private nondisclosed collaboration with an innovative fabric institute, we're supporting our mission in developing and producing a new sustainable breakthrough fabric that will address a major problem within the textile industry.

Additionally, through discussions with another textile innovation company, we are exploring producing regenerative materials made entirely out of waste that would ultimately close the loop in our circular system.

Biocycle Program

Our textile waste management solution.

Biocycle program

Manufacturing for Tomorrow

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Let's Get Dirty

We’re getting our hands dirty and exploring, not only traditional ways to address the world’s waste problem, but also more novel biological and manufacturing processes on how to recirculate textiles at scale. We’re in active discussions with two research facilities that will serve as potential partners to further our research endeavours.

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