Carbon Offset Projects

In 2021 we hired Green Story to trace our environmental footprint from seed to shelf, so we can tread as lightly on our planet as possible. Using the global standard of Life Cycle Analysis methodology, with data sourced from accredited partners around the world, we are able to bring the highest possible accuracy and transparency to our supply chain.

We invested in innovative digital customization to create seamless end-to-end integration into our e-commerce platform to show real-time visual impacts. We believe that our customers deserve to see what sustainability looks like.

Our Carbon Offset Projects

We've invested in three Gold Standard environmental projects that will offset our total carbon footprint. Check out our current environmental projects that are helping to offset our carbon footprint:

Karadere Wind Project - Turkey
Garcia River Forest - United States
Biogas Plant - India

We acknowledge that this is only the first step and we aim to invest in further technology to be fully traceable by 2030.