We are doing BLACK FRIDAY Differently

We are doing BLACK FRIDAY Differently

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Bonjour friends,

     As you may know, it’s been a difficult year for many small businesses.  The continued supply chain issues, increased interest rates, and our current economic climate has really wounded the bottom line for many small businesses—especially those who are in business for the force of good. 

     In all transparency, we are not immune. And like most businesses, big and small, we are relying heavily on holiday sales to help offset some of our slower seasons this year. Within the context of holiday sales, also comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a small business, it becomes increasingly difficult to balance profit and our purpose-driven values during such a turbulent economic shift. 
Yet just the other day I was reminded of a quote I heard early on in my entrepreneurial journey.
“Do what is right, not what is easy”. It’s funny how clarity can strike during our most obscured moments. Do what is right… not what is easy. 
     It is for this reason; I’ve decided to not allow the company to become like the very systems that I oppose within the fashion industry—with a massive appetite for consumption and greed. As much as we need to see profits and to keep the lights on, it shouldn’t be at the expense of showing up for the right cause. 

     With that said, here is what we will be offering during the peak week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Because we believe in producing zero-waste, small-batch, quality-made products that are meant to last, we will be offering free repairs for life on each garment you purchase when you invest with us during this week, from November 20th- November 27, 2022.

 This is our commitment to you this Black Friday. 

     We acknowledge that not every single small business can afford to do this or that every single person will be able to invest this year. We get it! 

     However, there are many other ways you can show up, be seen, and stand in solidarity with us during our Black Friday Campaign. Word of mouth, believe it or not, is still our biggest asset. You can become a fellow advocate on the larger systematic problems we face regarding textile waste and climate change. 

      Follow us on our social media saving our posts or forwarding them on to others.

     Finally, you can support us by shopping our Resale Shop -which helps to keep our clothing in the loop longer and allows you a lower entry point on sustainable and ethical clothing.

As always, Merci and Miigwetch for your continued support and partnership on this journey to a better future.

Anne Mulaire
CEO/Founder at Anne Mulaire

        + the Team

We are doing BLACK FRIDAY Differently