JOIN THE THREAD - Feb 16 2021

Join The Thread

Bonjour!  If you’ve already had a chance to peruse through our website, you probably have a pretty good idea about our stance on the environment and our ethics, Sustainable Fashion. Or maybe this is your first time cruising our website and you just want to learn more about our best-selling bamboo leggings. Wherever you are in your own sustainable journey, we are so glad you are here!  We truly believe that everything you bring into this world makes an impact, and we want that impact to be positive, engaging, ethical and of course, environmentally friendly. 

So, what’s the point of us starting a blog? Well, both individually and as a team, we’ve spent years researching fibers, reflecting on design elements, implementing evidence-based practices, becoming conscious producers, and learning how to be better stewards of the planet.  We’ve accumulated quite a lot of information throughout our careers and our goal is to be able to spark meaningful conversations and to propel responsible action for a better tomorrow!  

So, keep an eye out here for topics ranging from the importance of divulging transparency in supply chains, sustainability, human rights, and environmentally exciting news from other innovators that inspire us.  You can also sign up for our Newsletter, Join the Thread, to receive deep discounts and deals on all our products!  All our blogs will be posted right here every two weeks at 11:00 am.  Think of this as your resource for all things eco and fashion… with a side of sustainable sass.