Our Three Bamboo Leggings to Know - Mar 16 2021

Our Three Bamboo Leggings to Know - Mar 16 2021

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Our THREE Bamboo Leggings to Know

One of the most common question we get asked is...

“What’s the difference between our three bamboo legging fabric weights?” 

Well, let’s go through it, right here, all on one easy page! But before we delve into the difference between the three, let me start by telling you their similarities: 

  • They are ALL made primarily from Bamboo Viscose.
  • They are ALL custom knit and dyed in Ontario, Canada.
  • They are ALL great at wicking moisture.
  • They are ALL extremely soft and comfortable to wear.
  • They ALL have antimicrobial properties - which means you can get away with wearing them that extra day (or 3... we won’t tell!) 

ALL Season

This is our lightest weight Bamboo material for our leggings and will generally become your typical “everyday” legging. It’s great for summer/fall, as well as for activities such as running, yoga, hiking, or whatever you like to do! Our bamboo materials have great moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties, which makes them ideal for simply lounging or physical activities!  

Our All-Season bamboo is a jersey knit which is slick and smooth on both the inside AND outside. It has a good stretch, though it definitely has a nice snug feel.

MID Season

This is the perfect middle-ground legging. Not too light, not too thick. If you run cold like me, then this is your perfect fall legging (instead of the All-season). This weight may also be a great winter choice for you if you want to wear a big cozy sweater and want to balance out your layers, or if you run hot, and the idea of a thick legging sounds absurd! 

Our MID Season bamboo is done in a French Terry knit which means it’s nice and smooth on the outside but has more easily visible loops on the inside.   


Ok, this is the real cozy one – your winter essential (or for whenever the temperature starts to become too cold for you!). Our WINTER Season bamboo is perfect for keeping you warm on those cold outdoor adventures or in those chilly indoor spaces. They even make a great base layer and can be worn as long johns! Again, the moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties make them fantastic for this.

Our WINTER season bamboo material is our thickest option and has the most stretch. The best part of this cozy material is that it has a French Terry knit on the inside that has been brushed. This means that while the outside remains smooth and polished, the brushed inside has a thick and lofty fleece-like feel and appearance that’s luxuriously soft! Instead of being two separate layers of material that can become scrunched and bunched, it’s one smooth piece of fabric.  

Legging Overview


ALL Season

MID Season


Fiber Content 

90% Bamboo Viscose / 10 % LYCRA® 

87% Bamboo Viscose / 8% Organic Cotton / 5% LYCRA® 

87% Bamboo Viscose / 8% Organic Cotton / 5% LYCRA® 

Fabric Knit 


French Terry
(loop terry inside)

French Terry
(brushed inside) 





Which Season? 

*Colder weather if you run hot 

Winter indoors
*Colder weather if you run hot 

*Cooler fall weather if you run cold 

Ideal for? 

Your daily legging
Yoga/Running or other activities and great with dresses

Great every day comfort and great for in-between seasons

Keeping you warm!
Outdoor winter activities, (AKA your survival winter legging)


So there you have it, we've put the spotlight on our 3 buttery soft, bamboo leggings!  No matter your lifestyle.  No matter your shape.  No matter your story.  Our leggings are designed specifically to meet YOUR needs as a conscious woman of today!  For further inquiries on our leggings or to schedule an online/personal shopping experience, please call or email!

  + the Team

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