The Thoughts Behind The Initiative - Our Resale Program

The Resale Program

We continue to unpack a part of our Return to Nature Initiative by redefining the ownership experience of our clothing. ⁠


32 billion garments are produced for the US market each year, and 64% of them end up in landfill (ThredUp).


Did you know buying used textiles extends a garment's life by about two years? This cuts its combined carbon, water, and waste footprint by 82% (ThredUP). ⁠

What if you could return your gently used clothing for cash and put money back into your pocket. By participating in our Resale Program, you not only reduce your/ours carbon footprint, but you also have the chance to offer the next owner a more affordable opportunity to participate in a sustainable fashion. ⁠It's truly a win-win-extra win! ⁠

Get ready to start enjoying up to 60% off when you give back and shop our pre-loved Resale Shop! (Items will be listed as they are received). #jointhecircle⁠