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Welcome to our REVIVE program, where we give natural textiles a new life.

Post Consumer Waste We Accept - For Consumers

✓ Organic Cotton ✓ Linen ✓ Hemp ✓ Bamboo ✓ Silk ✓ Alpaca ✓ Wool ✓ Cashmere ✓ TENCEL™ ✓ Cotton Denim

We have chosen to focus on natural fibres because it aligns with our core values of using sustainable fabrics from the beginning of our design process. Please keep in mind that although we would love 100% of all-natural textiles to be donated, we do recognize that the majority of clothing today is made from a mix of synthetic and natural fibres. For this reason, we will gladly accept natural blends. We ask that each garment be made of at least 60% natural fibres.  


Simply drop off your sustainable garments and we'll uppcycle or recycle them into new products.

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Drop off your worn garments

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Discover revived/upcycled garments


Pre-Industrial Waste We Accept - For Brands/Companies

Are you a Canadian brand or company looking for responsible waste solutions for your pre-industrial waste scraps or fabric rolls?

Simply email us and we'd be happy to recycle them for you.

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Are you a BRAND that would like to Join the Revive Movement?

Brand Revive Program

Are you a brand in Canada or the US? Do you want to be a part of a sustainable collaboration? Let’s partner to get rid of your waste or deadstock in a responsible way. Together, we’ll ensure we send zero textile waste to landfills or overseas.

Learn more about our Revive Program and reach out to us to see what we can create. We love collaborating with other like-minded brands who are pushing the envelope for a more sustainable and circular future.

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Collaboration Is Key For A Circular Future

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Why It Matters: Redesigning How We Live

All proceeds from the Revive Program will be used to invest in smart innovative technologies to scale Anne Mulaire's fully circular textile recyling manufacturer. Investments such as industrial shredders, smart sorting equipment, and processing systems are needed.

Our work will not only expand opportunities to create real solutions to climate change, but we will be able to create jobs, help rebuild local manufacturing in Winnipeg and connect citizens through advocacy and education.

Your participation matters. Will you help transform the economic and ecological systems that clothe us today for a better tomorrow?

Brand Revive Program