Our Supply Chain

Seek And You Shall Find

Let’s face it, the term “sustainability” has become a catchall phrase in the fashion industry.

We aim to break the mold.

Measuring Our Footprint

The fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second to oil. Even though we only contribute a small fraction to that number, we know that everyone has a choice and we’re taking action. That means we measure our carbon footprint by partnering with our supply chain to reduce where we can—and offset the rest.  

Our Road to Transparency

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We acknowledge that this is only the first step and we aim to invest in further technology to be fully traceable by 2030.

From fibres to fruition, see every step your clothing takes before landing in your forever closet.

Step 1

Natural Beginnings

Step 2

Spun with Care

Step 3

Knitted to Perfection

Video: See into Our fabric mill

Step 4

Manufactured Ethically

Step 5

Ready For You

Step 6

Near or Far — We Ship Responsibly Wherever You Are