Meet the Team

We are Anne Mulaire

Forward-focused, sustainably driven, hopelessly passionate.

We are proud to be a 100% women-led team.

Meet the makers behind the label.

Andréanne - CEO/Head Designer

The Mum

Tea is always a good idea

Bringing you comfort & style since 2005

Jodi - CVO & Driver of Sustainability

Researcher & Story Teller

Mountaineer & Ice Climber

Driving the AM sustainability bus to greener pastures since 2019

Monelle - Office Manager/Finance

Scheduling Wizard

Golf Fanatic

Helping to keep the team on track since 2016

Lindsay - Customer Service/Stylist

Fit & Fabric Scientist

Nature Lover

Making you feel like a part of the family since 2017

Rachael - E-Commerce Manager

Website Guru

French Fashion Enthusiast

Running all things digital since 2021

Veronica - Production Supervisor

Precision Detail Scout

Office Baked Goods Committee

Quality Control Inspector since 2021

Zoya - Design Assistant

New Challenge Expert

Family First

Bringing Anne's vision to life since 2021

Zoraida - Quality Control/Production Associate

Quality Assurance Specialist

Gardening & Baking Expert

Putting the finishing touches on your clothes since 2022

Chi - Lead Sewer

Detail Wizard & Mentor

Crazy Story Teller

Making your clothes since 2021

Oksana - Sewer

Meticulous Needle Worker

Nature Explorer

Making your clothes since 2021

Dorota - Sewer

Alterations Specialist

Always bringing the laughs

Making your clothes since 2022

Huguette - Project Coordinator

Task Leader

Lover of Family & Traditions

Anne's go-to support & management coach since 2005

MJ - Jack of All Trades

The Reliever

It's all about the Bass

Anne's sidekick since 1980

Bethany - In House Model/Ambassador

World's Fastest Clothing Changer

Laughter; the best medicine

Bringing Anne Mulaire to 3D since 2017