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Add a little flair to your travel wardrobe with help from some of Canada's top Indigenous designers.  Anne Mulaire's beaded belts, as featured in Air Canada's EnRoute magazine, are handmade in Winnipeg by our own designer using the traditional loom-work technique.  Read the EnRoute May/June 2021 issue and discover our beaded belts!  New designs are added as they are completed! 

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As part of their Green Issue, Fashion Magazine focused on green fashion initiatives from DIY to Haute Couture.  Anne Mulaire was proud to make the list as part of fashion entrepreneur Julia Grieve's favourite sustainability-focused fashions to shop in Canada.  To read all about it, check out the May 2021 issue in stands near you.

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Winnipeg Free Press

Everyone deserves to feel as good in their clothes, no matter how their body is shaped. Winnipeg Free Press journalist Cody Sellar discussed the new inclusive sizing available at Anne Mulaire with designer Andréanne Dandeneau.  The Winnipeg Free Press is the city's leading newspaper.  Read the article here.

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On April 12, 2021, a new line of inclusive sized clothing was launched by Anne Mulaire to address the significant lack of good-quality clothing in larger sizes.  Read the feature here.


With it's launch of the Better Fit for a Better World campaign, Anne Mulaire opened the door to new inclusive sizing in an industry where there was a lack of representation.  La Liberté, Manitoba's French newspaper, spoke to the designer to find out more.  Read the digital article here or open the PDF version (available in French only).

CBC News has celebrated Anne Mulaire’s participation in Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto. The theme of this biennial fashion festival surrounds Water. Anne Mulaire Designs, among several top global Indigenous designers, presented sustainable clothing taken from the runway to everyday life.

Anne Mulaire is featured in Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto! This annual fashion show focuses on presenting the most distinct and progressive indigenous-made works. Anne Mulaire Designs presents a cinematic fashion film showcasing pieces from their latest collection, highlighting the fashion label’s Canadian and Metis roots. IFWTO celebrates global Indigenous expression in fashion and the arts and it’s grounding in Indigenous knowledge, ways of life and storytelling.


ELLE has interviewed Andréanne Dandeneau in regards to her first time getting involved with Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto. With a passion for inclusivity in the fashion industry, Andreanne said, “Design schools should be challenged to recruit more Indigenous youth. Indigenous students need more opportunities so that they can learn how to nurture their innate creativity, cultural histories, and stories of significance.” To find out more about what the local Winnipeg eco-fashion designer had to say, click here

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En Route has noted Anne Mulaire as one of the leading Canadian brands that make non-medical face masks look good. To read more about our face masks and how shopping for masks through Anne Mulaire helps support local organizations and healthcare facilities, click here for the EnRoute article, or click here  to view our masks. 

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June is recognized as National Indigenous History Month.  Anne Mulaire was featured in Fashion Magazine as part of this period of reflection in Canada.  Check out the article 10 Pieces to Buy in Honour of National Indigenous History Month.  You can find our featured printed leggings here

Tourism Winnipeg wrote an article in regards to the increase in online shopping due to COVID-19, and how it’s now more important than ever to shop local and support local businesses. With a stellar reputation as a pioneer in sustainable fashion, a dedication to ethical manufacturing, and a zero-waste program that sets the bar higher for other brands, Tourism Winnipeg lists Anne Mulaire as one of the best local clothing shops for your holiday shopping. Click here to read more.


Harper's Bazaar has named Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau as one of the most influential Indigenous people in the fashion industry! To read more about the way in which the Metis heritage of Anne Mulaire’s owner/designer has influenced the eco-conscious development of the growing Winnipeg company, click here.


Anne Mulaire has been committed to sustainable growth from the beginning. With fabrics milled in Ontario, and clothing sewn in Winnipeg, owner/designer Andréanne Dandeneau has proven the company's commitment to sustainable development by never wavering from the business ethos the company was founded upon. Read more here.


Partnering with Hudson's Bay Company, INLAND just launched its new online shop.  INLAND is a curated shopping experience that features Canadian designers.  Anne Mulaire is proud to be part of a group of talented Canadian designers showcasing sustainable collections.  Read all about it here.  

Anne Mulaire from INLAND on Vimeo.


The Kit

The Kit, Canada’s beauty and style leader connecting audiences from across the country, recently announced the launch of the new INLAND online shop.  INLAND promotes Canadian designers in apparel and accessories. Anne Mulaire is proud to be a part of this amazing endeavour.  Read the article here.  

Chatelaine is one of Canada's leading magazine for everything lifestyle, health and food. The Monelle Short Sleeve Dress was featured in Chatelaine as one of 25 Gorgeous Dresses With Pockets To Wear This Fall.  The beautiful dress flatters the figure by skimming over the body with its duo knit Bamboo fabric. The unique hemline and two-tone coloring add a playful nod to the elegant feel and look of this unique piece.  You can find all Anne Mulaire dresses here.



Anne Mulaire pivoted its sales strategy at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic.  Johnstons Group caught up with owner/designer Andréanne Dandeneau to discuss the resilience of her business through this challenging time.  You can find the article here.

There is certainly no shortage of Manitoba makers who are sewing some seriously stylish masks, meaning you can find colourful, comfortable and quality products all while supporting local entrepreneurs. Anne Mulaire is one of those designers.  You can read the article by Tourism Winnipeg here.  Shop all our face masks here!

Mint Marketing Experience

Anne Mulaire was a contributing editor to The Mint Experience Summer 2020 Vol 4 Iss 1.  The Western Manitoba magazine featured a section on Sustainability in Fashion as well as Women in Business.  Anne Mulaire was proud to share its vision and passion towards sustainability.  Read the article here.


WTC Winnipeg interviews David Dandeneau of Anne Mulaire Designs

In this interview David Dandeneau - Co-Creator and Head of Business Strategy at Metis fashion house Anne Mulaire - discusses the small beginnings of the business. In response to the pandemic’s market shift, the Winnipeg-owned sustainable fashion design label began manufacturing masks. The unique designs and appealing styles, along with comfortable fabrics, were a hit. The mask sales kept sewists at work and its doors open - although temporarily closed to the public. For more information, listen to the French podcast and visit Anne Mulaire's mask collection.

Winnipeg Free Press

As the world faced an unprecedented pandemic, Anne Mulaire shifted its focus temporarily to provide a service to the community in times of uncertainty.  Fashion face masks were designed and manufactured.  Winnipeg Free Press journalist Jen Zoratti discussed this new endeavour with Anne Mulaire and other local designers.  Read the article here.



During the summer of 2020, Anne Mulaire was featured in Chatelaine's article 26 Cute Made-in-Canada Face Masks.  Anne Mulaire offers a selection of limited edition masks in a variety of bold prints, complete with adjustable elastics and filter slots. You can find all our face masks here.


 The Kit

The Kit is Canada’s beauty and style leader and connects with audiences from across the country.  Anne Mulaire was featured in, the online version of their magazine, as one of 20 Indigenous Fashion Designers To Know



Anne Mulaire's bestselling bamboo headband was featured by Canadian magazine Chatelaine as one of 15 Cute Made-In-Canada Hair Accessories.  Made of moisture-wicking bamboo, these headbands are a great fashion accessory for cold Canadian winters or for your next workout.  Find our bamboo headbands here.



It was with great pleasure and surprise that Anne Mulaire was featured on Manitoba's french newspaper La Liberté's weekly feature of Nelson au Manitoba for its "fancy" face masks!  Merci La Liberté!  You can shop all our non-medical face masks here.



Just Checkin' In is a series of Instagram live videos which focused on various Signatures artisans as all spring editions of the markets and artisan shows were cancelled due to the pandemic.  Episode 16 featured Andréanne Dandeneau, the Winnipeg-based fashion designer and creator of Anne Mulaire. Étienne Dale of Signatures Shows talked with Andréanne about her long list of accomplishments and her Métis family history.  Étienne also heard from Andréanne’s twin sister and mother during an impromptu tour of her boutique.

During the Fall 2019 edition of the Toronto One of a Kind Show, Emma Couffin of caught up with Designer Andréanne Dandeneau to talk about the new brand.  L-express is a French media outlet covering all that is happening in the French-speaking greater Toronto community.  Read the article here.


Winnipeg Free Press

In the fall of 2019, the new brand Anne Mulaire was launched.  Formerly known as Voilà par Andréanne or Voilà Designs, the new brand continues to focus on sustainability as one of its main priorities.  Winnipeg Free Press reporter Frances Koncan caught up with Andréanne Dandeneau to discuss the vision and story of Anne Mulaire.  Read the article here.