How to Beat the summer heat and still look fab!

                                      Summer vacation season is in full swing
Whether you’re travelling afar or rediscovering home turf on a staycation, it’s easy to feel a bit wilted this time of year. But, with a smart approach to your fashion choices, you can still look polished while staying cool and comfortable.

Unlike in winter where we can pile on lots of layers to stay warm, there’s a limit to the layers we can shed in summer while staying on the right side of the law. Other than spending time at the beach where you can simply throw on a bathing suit, it can be challenging to pull together an outfit that’s stylish and doesn’t leave you sweaty hot as soon as you head outdoors. Sweating is never stylish, unless you’re working out.

Enter bamboo! Voilà par Andréanne uses bamboo in the creation of its exclusive fabric because of its remarkable properties. Bamboo fibres add incredible softness to fabric making clothing exceptionally comfortable. It also wicks moisture away from the body and this helps you to stay dry and cool. The fabric actually helps to regulate body temperature.

This incredibly breathable fabric is also a cinch to clean. Who wants to spend summer at the dry cleaners? Simply wash Voilà’s bamboo garments in cold water on the delicate cycle of your washing machine and hang to dry.

Ok, breathable, easy care fabric is great but what about great style? Regardless of whether you’re boarding a plane, on a road trip or strolling city streets you can be comfortable and still look chic by choosing your wardrobe wisely.