Celebrating Earth Day! Buy Less, Buy Better!

We ask VOILÀ's Head Designer, Andréanne Dandeneau, on what makes her clothing line sustainable.

"Sustainability to me means living with the understanding that our world isn’t finite; that we have to be resourceful and responsible with our consumption so we have something left for the next generation.

The choice of materials does have an effect on my design process. By understanding the fabric, the way it moves, hangs and holds together is not a type of fabric we are often taught to work with throughout my education.  But then again I use that challenge to my advantage to create pieces that are original and proud to carry the VOILÀ name.

I was brought up on natural fabric clothing. Therefore when I think of style and something I want to start my day with, my clothing is first in mind. I honestly feel comfortable, proud and good in them.

My thoughts and practices on sustainability are ones that my Aboriginal ancestors had practiced years ago where the decisions they made yesterday benefit their children generations into the future. It is not a new idea and that much can be learnt from the practices of our Aboriginals if we only took the time and effort to look into “our” history.

I do believe there are challenges and risk no matter where you produce your designs from. That every challenges creates opportunity and that it is important to keep your mind open to attrack those positive outcomes..... at least that is what keeps me going."